Useful Mall RMU Kiosk Stand Retail Showcase for Sale

Mall kioskAre you looking for an RMU kiosk in the mall for business? The RMU kiosk is easy to operate and needs less start money. Today, I want to share a nice RMU kiosk stand with you and hope that you can get more popular ideas.

RMU stand in the mall

RMU stand suits for small location and is good for the entrepreneur. You can sell all kinds of products on RMU stands, such as clothing, cakes, watches, boutiques, gifts, souvenirs, and even flowers. This RMU stands is mainly used to showcase items orderly and convenient to select.

cake showcaseDisplay showcase counter

Their area has been showcased on both sides to contain more goods for sale. It has stairs styles of display counter, which present the items to the clients in a good way. We can also add glass covers, so it can lock well at night.

Storage cabinets

Under the showcase, the counter has closed doors for storage. The surface adopts engraving techniques, looks beautiful and atmospheric, very attractive. The light lamp attaches here makes it outstanding.

Wheel decoration

Both sides have two wheels decoration, it looks more like a retail cart in the mall. However, it has small wires hidden under the RMU stand. You can easily move the RMU kiosk when needed.

RMU stand

Cashier counter

The cashier counter is set behind the RMU kiosk, POS system can be set here for checking bills. There are large metal handles in golden color, which look elegant and easy to push forward.

Ceiling & lighting

The RMU stands have a wood roof. Each beam directly has the same spacing. We can add the brand logo on the top and the ceiling light can also hang here. Because they can increase the brightness and protrude the product.

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