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RMU stand become popular in recent years. It is a good entrepreneurial idea because it needs a small location and easy to run. You can use it to sell clothes, boutique, jewelry and other products. Today, this wood cart RMU stand is good to showcase T-shirts and hats. Let’s view more details together.

Introduction of clothes cart

This clothes cart mainly has display showcase surround the mobile cart. It total has 3 layers shelf to place T-shirt in ordering. Each grid has a folded shirt. We can show different patterns to consumers to choose. While two ends has plates to increase display area. The counter table is wider than display shelves, it is easy to use and place more clothes in case clients do not select.

clothing store furnitureUnder the counter has lock cabinets with doors. Differnet sizes, styles of T-shirts can store here to meet different requirements. There is a clothes display rack at the edge, you can hang T-shirts here to attracts people. While the bottom area has 4 wheels in total. It is not only for decoration, but also can easily move to different places.

The top ceiling has a large roof made up of rainproof cloth. Its top is rectangular and its sides are made up of multiple trapezoids. Completely wrap the food cart to avoid clothing dust. The top 6 fronts have logo patterns, which can promote the company well.

We can add brand sign and blender sign on the RMU stand, so that clients can hold on their step and purchase clothes from you

clothing store furnitureMore information

Size: This RMU stand size is 2m long by 0.8m wide and 2.2m tall. It can also customize size based on your location.

Color: Brown wood color with blue ceiling decoration.

Materials: Plywood with solid wood decoration. Other materials includes wheels, metal frame, etc. We can also use veneer, laminate to control cost.

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