Perfume is a product we are all familiar with. It is very popular and can be used by both men and women. When we are shopping, we can often smell a scent on the people around us, most of them spray perfume. Perfume is a luxury, many perfumes have their own brands. But even so, she is very popular with the public. We can often see perfume display stands in shopping malls. There are many types and tastes in perfumes. Customers also have many choices. What I want to introduce to you today is the perfume display stand that is very popular in shopping malls.

Perfume Display Stand Description

From the design drawing, we can see the overall effect of this perfume. It is a luxurious style, and what we put on the counter is a shelf for displaying perfume. The taste of each perfume bottle is different. Customers can choose the taste they like or the capacity they buy. We all know that perfumes are very expensive. Some people will not buy a large bottle all at once. If you can choose the purchased capacity yourself, such a kiosk will be welcomed by more customers.

Our kiosk display cabinets can display authentic perfumes. Customers can directly purchase bottled authentic products if they determine the perfume taste they want. In addition to our display area, the cash register is also very important. This is also where we work and check out our customers.  After designing the main display and work areas, we must also consider the overall effect. The logo is essential, sometimes customers mainly buy things based on our brand. Logo can also make us more professional.

Size: 10x15ft

Material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Glass: Tempered glass

Logo: Acrylic

Skirting: Stainless steel


Perfume Display Stand Real Picture

Our production is very rigorous. We have more than ten years of working experience in this industry, and we take every detail very seriously. Before production, we need to confirm the drawings. Our kiosk drawings contain all the details, including all dimensions, material colors, and structures. We will start production only after the customer has confirmed the details. What you need to do is to send us a PDF file of the logo so that we can make it and install it on the kiosk. The production time is about 28 working days.

We will install circuits, transformers, and sockets. It can be used normally when you receive the goods. The installation of our kiosk is also very simple. Just put the separate cabinets together, then connect the connectors at the bottom of them, and then connect our main wires to the mall. Turn on the main switch and it can be used.


Order Details

If you also want to make such a perfume display kiosk in the shopping mall. We can make you customize all your requirements. What we do is professional customized service. Whatever you want, we can make it as you like. The size, the color, the style all we can customize. For the 3d design of the perfume kiosk, we will need a 300USD design deposit. But this will deduce from the total cost when you order. So actually, yes, we provide a free customized design service.

The designer will make and send the 3d design of the perfume kiosk within 2-3 working days after we receive the design deposit. We can discuss the design and make the changes if needed. Then we will quote the price to you according to the final 3d design. Finally, we will start production after we confirm all the details. Our payment term is a 50% deposit before the production. And 50% balance before the shipping. We can help you to arrange the shipping.


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