Perfume is used for both men and women. It has many flavors and a long-lasting fragrance. If the smell on our body can make others feel comfortable, then we will leave a good impression. On the contrary, if we have an unpleasant smell, it will make us lose friends. This shows that perfume also has a great effect on our interpersonal communication. The most familiar place to sell perfume is the mall. Because many customers find our custom perfume display kiosk is used in the mall.

Perfume is a luxury, so the kiosk that displays perfume must also look very high-end. When we buy, we must not be perfunctory. Display kiosk has a great influence on our sales. Today I will introduce to you a perfume kiosk that is very popular in Dubai.

Perfume Kiosk Description

The size of this kiosk is 3x2m, in addition to the display cabinet, there is also a cash register and perfume model decoration. The main colors of the kiosk are black and gold. For gold, we use electroplated stainless steel, which is a very advanced material, and the effect it shows is also very good. Golden stainless steel is mostly used in jewelry stores. We all know that jewelry stores are also very luxurious and beautiful places.

It has only one level display, and the display method is pull-out. If the customer chooses our product, we can pull out the entire display panel and take out the product the customer wants. The side of the display cabinet is made of golden mirror stainless steel. The mirror stainless steel can illuminate our products, so the display effect looks like an extension.

The biggest symbol of this kiosk is the perfume model, which is also supported by golden stainless steel, with the lightbox picture of the perfume in the middle, which is very iconic. Logos or product pictures can be placed on the tall pillars so that customers can see our kiosk from a distance.

Size: 3x2m

Material: MDF, baking paint, gold stainless steel

Glass: Tempered glass with LED light


Perfume Display Kiosk Production

After confirming the order, our production time is about 28 working days. Its production is divided into four steps: making wooden cabinets, polishing, baking, and installing. It is done by a team. The workers in our factory have a wealth of work experience. We pay attention to every detail of production. When you receive the goods, I believe you will be satisfied.

During the production process, all you need to provide is the original logo file, we will make it and install it on the kiosk. The logo material is acrylic. If there are lightbox paintings on the kiosk, you also need to provide high-definition pictures. In addition, we will arrange everything else. Such as light strips, kicks, socket installation, and so on. After you receive the goods, you only need simple assembly.

Perfume Display Kiosk Assemble

All kiosks are made up of individual cabinets. There is a connector under the side of each cabinet, which needs to be connected to the adjacent cabinet. When you receive the goods, you can place them according to the position of the design drawing, and then connect the connectors between them. Then connect the main wire to the mall and turn on the switch to work.

The main wire is generally set in the cabinet of the cash register, including electric boxes and transformers. So it can be used normally in your country.

How To Order?

Tell me what size kiosk you need and your requirements. If you have your favorite kiosk picture, you can also send me, our designer will help us to make the new design. Then you can send it to your mall for review. If they have any comments, we can modify the design, until it passes.

Design is required by every shopping mall. All our designs are made in accordance with customers’ ideas. Everyone gets a different shopping mall, and we have to combine our logo and ideas to create this kiosk. So the first step in ordering designs. After the design is approved, we can directly produce and ship it.

Design detail

The kiosk design fee is 300USD, the design time is 2-3 working days. It allows modification. We can help you to get the mall approval.

Kiosk price

Kiosk price is based on the final design, we need to know its size, material, and style. Then we can know its exact price.

If you want to know the estimated price, you can tell me the kiosk size, and send me the reference picture, then we can give you an estimated price. The above perfume display kiosk I sent price is about 7500$.

Payment terms

50% deposit and 50% balance payment before shipment. We support TT wire transfer, western union, and Alibaba trade assurance.


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