We all know that perfumes have different styles for different occasions. Such as business meetings, friend appointments, family gatherings, etc. Pairing the right perfume on different occasions can reflect one’s elegance and taste. Can make a good impression on your friends and family. Perfume is not only for women, but also for men. It can reflect the gentleman and charm of a man. The following is one of our perfume kiosk designs, let us see and know more details.



It is a whole kiosk composed of several display ca+binets, including pillars, top part and advertising machine. Which looks elegant and high-end. We can see the decoration on the display stand, the bottom is surrounded by a lot of pink flowers. And then the whole display stand is decorated with hollow patterns. which looks very fashionable and attractive. Stainless steel bottom kicks for display cabinets and display stands can protect from friction.


Add the brand name and loo on the top, hanging advertising machine can show people your products and services, but also leave an impression on your kiosk. Our factory can provide equipment. If you need advertising machines, please let us know at the first time. We can add them to the design so that you can see the overall effect just like this design. Do you like this design? We are custom kiosk factory and have design team. Our designers can create new designs based on your requirements. Our factory has skilled workers and supports customizing any shape, such as arc shape, circle shape, “U” shape, it’s all up to you.


Since we mainly do customization, everyone’s ideas are different, and we don’t have the same design. And if you want to open a new kiosk in the mall for your business, the mall will also ask you to send the design for approval. So we need to make a new design in the first step, reach your size and add your logo. Before designing, we charge a design deposit of US$300, we will deduct it from the order price, and only you need to pay in advance, please don’t worry.

We will send the design to you for check within 2-3 working days, and you can modify it to ensure that it reaches your ideal kiosk. After you confirm the final design, you can send it to the mall for approval. When the mall’s feedback is on the design, we can also make changes according to the mall’s requirements. And help you get the mall approval as soon as possible.


Our company was established in 2006 and has accumulated a lot of design, production experience, etc. Our workers are completely hand-made in accordance with the 3D design and construction drawings. Which guarantees the quality of the products. Our designers have different design ideas for creating a new kiosk, and they will hold group meetings to make professional design plans. They will make better designs based on your ideas. Each of our designs is completed by more than 4 designers to ensure that the design is unique. So for manufacturing kiosk and designing kiosk, we are professional!!!

Unique display kiosk is professional retail kiosk and shop furniture supply manufacturer, With a lower material, land, and labor Cost. We are mable to offer our client high-quality displays at an affordable price. let us supply you commercial display fixtures and mall kiosk for your upgrowing franchise business, From mall kiosks to retail store display. Our kiosk ideas will help you increase your brand value and presentation with the best low-cost affordable display solutions.

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