People like the perfume very much, especially the women. But men is suitable to use the perfume, which can show the men charm. Perfume not only can cover up people’s sweat and body odor, but also improve people’s confidence, taste. Besides, it can relieves mood and reduces stress. While people use the perfume to join some important occasions, they show express themselves much properly then make things much easier. As people pursue the requirements of taste more and more high, you deserve a good perfume kiosk.

The introduction of the perfume kiosk

The introduction of the perfume kiosk

The size of this one beautiful perfume kiosk is about 10*12ft.  The main materials is MDF with baking paint. The whole kiosk looks very luxury. The main hue is white and gold, which offer people a kind of top grade, generous and fashion feeling. People are ll attracted by the perfume kiosk design. It is a open-plan square shape kiosk. There are several showcase combining together. You can put many different kinds of perfume in the showcases. On the countertop, you can put some sample sacks for people to have a try and smell, which is better to recommend suitable perfume to people according to their thoughts.

From the view of the front side, we can see a very special design before the beand logo on the board. And the logo can be luminous. It is a good display to let people leave the deep impression.  On the another side, there is the logo on the top, and the below is the viewing sceen, which can show the information you want to express, such as advertiments, discounts, or other meaningful sentences, all can help you bring the good business. The introduction of the perfume kiosk



From this side, we can also see the big logo sign below the kiosk. All directions show the logo and brand. Normally, we will suggest you make more design of the logo and brand when you need the open-plan kiosk, it is a good way to show them. Except the ourside showcase display, the kiosk has many cabinets for storage something you want. So the perfume kiosk has many function in deed. Not only it looks luxury, but also is very useful.


To produce one perfume kiosk

If you have your own perfume business and want to sell them in the mall, at this time, you need a beautiful and special kiosk to dispaly your goods. To ensure the size your mall approve, and tell us your style and requirements of the kiosk, our designer can make a 3D design for you to have a whole view. Normally, the deposit design fee is $300, but after you place the order from us, we will reduct it in the total amount, so it is free design for you.

Our factory will produce the perfume kiosk according the technology drawing which you have confirmed. The production time is about 20-25 working days, which depend on the size and style of the kiosk.

About the packaging, please don’t worry, we will use good packaging materials for the kiosk to ensure it is good when shipping. Normnally, the foam is inside the carton, and wooden carton is outside.To produce one perfume kiosk

Our advantages:

a.professional 3D MAX design team for you to get what you want

b. OEM&ODM,customize for you with your special requirements

c. factory wholesale low competitive price with superior high top quality

d. strong production capacity,perfect production craftmanship and process

e. timely delivery without delay safe your time and money

f. various payment terms for you to choose

g. 7/24 hours service online contact freely at any time


If you want to have a special 3D design of your own perfume kiosk, please contact us soon.

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