Small Perfume Retail Stand Perfume Bar Wooden Perfume Counter

On grand occasions, you need to choose some gorgeous and strong perfumes. If paired with gorgeous evening wear and accessories, that’s perfect. Of course, you can also be creative. In addition to showing the atmosphere and maturity. You can also choose to highlight the personal charm of your light mature woman. A perfume that suits you can attract people around you. You can also choose the floral fragrances of rose or violet, which can show the unique charm of young women. Spraying on the collarbone and waist can make the smell emanate more slowly. And the change of fragrance will also slow down. So that you can maintain your best condition as a whole.

This small perfume kiosk is not too big. It is like a perfume display stand. Although the perfume display showcase is small, but it also can work well to display the perfume. The perfume display stand has the lighted box for advertising. It can light up and you can change the picture inside as you like. You can display the perfume product on the countertop. Then the customer can see and choose the perfume that they want. The below 3d design has detailed dimensions for your reference. If you want to make a bigger one, we can also customize it for you with your location size. And also the colors, styles, all we can customize as your needs.


If you want to sell your perfume but don’t want to put much money on this project. You can make such a small display stand to show your perfume. This is just a small design concept for your reference. If you want more high-end and modern perfume kiosk, please contact our sales team. We will send more perfume kiosk design to you. Thank you.

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