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A cookie is one of the bakery food and very delicious. It’s hard for kids or adults to refuse a tasty cookie, so share it with your family, or bring it to work and share it with your co-workers.

To start a food business in the shopping mall we can make a customize food kiosk for you. A customize bakery food kiosk we can make it exactly what you want. Today let us show you a USA cookie kiosk design. Let us have a look together.



The size of the cookie kiosk:  20 x 10 ft.

The color of the cookie kiosk:

Red color, white color ( customize color ).

The material of the cookie kiosk:

Fire retardant plywood, Formica laminate.

The countertop of the cookie kiosk:

Black color quartz stone.



On the front side of the cookie kiosk, we see from the left side is a glass display showcase for cake, cookies and other bakery food. The middle of the front is the cashier area and a 3D lighted logo, this logo is very good quality. And the right side of the front side is two 42 inches advertising TVs. You can play the pictures or videos as you like.


The back side of the cookie kiosk has some space for the equipment. And the sink area – 1 x single sink and 1 x three-compartment sink. Under the countertop, we also can leave space for you to put the fridge or ice machine, etc.

For the space of the equipment, we all need to leave the space for them in advance. That is why we asking the equipment list when we make the 3D design. We add the white color led strip light on the stainless steel toe kick. And also some lighted box for outside decoration. Then the whole cookie kiosk design does not look so simple.

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