Fast Food Kiosk Red Color Pizza Service Table

cake standAre you looking for pizza kiosk for business? This pizza kiosk is a good place to sell fast food, hot dog and pizza. You can sell beverages here to increase sales performance. Here is a nice fast food kiosk sharing with you.

Red color pizza kiosk

This red color pizza kiosk size is 2.5m by 2.5m, is a small location size in the shopping mall. The food kiosk includes front counter for display and ordering. You can use side counter to prepare food and drinks. While the back wall is work bench with equipments. You can also attach brand name on the counter body.

cake boothDisplay counter

We can see the display counter in front side has menu board in the corner. There is glass sneeze guard at the counter top, which protect clients away from food but can see clear.

Work counter

Next to it is a full size work table, there is a water sink in the middle to wash hands. While you can prepare food here for sale. Under the counter are lock cabinets for storage.

cake kiosk

Brand logo stnad

You can add a brand logo stand in the middle. And add brand name, brand logo, TV player to the pizza kiosk. So that clients can remember you well. You can also attach brand logo on the counter body with 4 corners has red grid frame decoration.

Space for equipment

Euipments is very important for food kiosk, so we have to leave enough space for them. The best way is to make a 3D design drawing first, so that you can see all the details directly.

Main color of the pizza kiosk is cream color with red decoration. While the counter table is black stone, looks high end and luxury.

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