Different countries have long and short histories, large and small territories, and differences in ethnic composition, religious belief and economic structure. Therefore, the food culture of different countries is different. However, in any case, when we want to start our food business, All we need is a store or a kiosk to bring people into your food culture. There is a food kiosk that may help you.


Material: MDF with baking paint, glass

Color: Orange

Size: 3*3M

Service: 3d design, OEM, ODM

Style: Modern

Design time: 3-7workdays

Production time: 22-25 workdays

Design fee:300USD

Payment: T/T Western Union


This one features a light orange color. It is fresh and very suitably used as bubble tea or dessert kiosk. Customers can see this kiosk among lots of kiosk in the mall. You can get more attention and may make more profit.

On its leaf side, there is a display counter with glass cover, you could place your food or dessert here. And customers can pick up their preferred food by themselves and order at the cash counter.

At the front counter, you can use the cashier desk. What’s more, we could add the logo here. There are lots of logo options for your reference, hollow out logo, light box, acrilic logo and so on. They increase a better appearance and customers can have an impression of your brand.

On the right side, there is a bar counter, which allows your customers to enjoy themselves with their partner. It can provide a better entertainment experience.

The inside counter has three sinks. You could prepare or clean your work there. And understand the counter, there is a water system. It has fresh and waste water containers. You could feel free to work here. There are wall shelves on the top. It makes full use of the space and provides enough storage space for you.

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