Unique Shape Cell Phone Kiosk Phone Accessories Booth for Retail Sale

The importance of mobile phones can be known by all people. At the same time, the electronic industry becomes more and more popular. We are a professional retail kiosk manufacturer in china. We have skilled workers and a professional design team for your kiosk design. If you have a strong interest in opening a shop and need a corresponding counter, you can contact us. We can provide you with a satisfying design and counter. Let us look at this phone kiosk.

electronic kiosk

Material introduction

This phone kiosk’s main counter is a glass display cabinet.  We can see the main style is wooden grain, its material is solid wood. For the round cabinet, the material is stainless steel and the glass display showcase was added to it. The skirting area is made of stainless steel. In addition, the logo is the acrylic luminous logo.

electronic kiosk

Why do we need a  customized kiosk?

For a particular business, the kiosk has different features. Only a customized counter, can meet your requirements, including style, size, products, menu, logo, and material. So you need to tell us your favorite style and other details. Then we custom-make for you.

Other details

electronic kiosk

The cashier register has several drawers for you to put money on. What’s more, each counter has two drawers to put phone inventory and accessories. For each drawer, we add a lock and key to it for your use. Meanwhile, each glass display cabinet has a steel shelf to put cell phones on.

About package and design

For every design, we need to charge 300$ design fee. The amount varies from 300$ to 500$, depending on the size you need. For every counter, we use foam and wooden boxes to pack. We will arrange manufacture after confirming the design. The production time is about 22-25 working days. Before shipping, you need to pay the balance. The shipping time is about25-30 working days.




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