Black Color Glass Cell Phone Kiosk Mobile Phone Booth in the Mall

Mobile phone kiosks are popular in shopping malls. Most mobile phone kiosks are designed to display cell phones, and phone accessories, and even provide phone repair services. It is good to use in the shopping center, phone stores, and even the events. Whenever you plan to open a phone kiosk, don’t miss this mall kiosk design.

phone kiosk

Introduction of the cell phone kiosk

This cell phone kiosk size is 4m by 3m and includes a glass display showcase, display counter, and storage cabinets. The main material is MDF with black baking paint. 8mm tempered glass with the light lamp to increase brightness and show items well. And on the bottom surface of the cell phone kiosk with silver glitter decoration, which makes the cell phone kiosk brighter and more attractive.

Layout plan

We can see the glass display cabinets surrounding it in four sizes. Each cabinet has 3 layers in total to place cell phones and phone covers. The bottom has drawers to increase the storage area. The front area has a reception counter with a luminous logo in the middle. And the corner has a tall display stand with multiple shelving to hang items. That increases the display showcase area, and it can also use as a sales window to attract eye attention. On the top are the business logos on two sides.

Production and real effect

Every kiosk is customized according to special requirements and unique ideas. Workers produce it according to the confirmed design drawing. And each produce step will update you regularly. Besides, you will also see the complete cell phone kiosk effect in advance. If you have any ideas, just contact us, and we can add them to make your cell phone kiosk unique.

phone display showcase  phone kiosk

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