Do you need a unique glass display cabinet? Now is the best time to start a business. Glass display cabinet are suitable for displaying valuable items, such as jewelry, glasses, watches, etc., as well as small items. Thanks to this display cabinet, it can display products to customers more intuitively. At the same time protect items from injury and theft. Therefore, glass display cabinets can better help your business.

Features of glass display cabinets

  • Good communication characteristics

Whether it is jewelry, eyes or watches, the use of glass showcases allows customers to compare and view in detail. When customers are unsure, they basically do not need to take out the items to look at, because the items on the counter can be clearly seen.

  •  High-end display showcase

Display cabinet made of glass, coupled with lighting effects, will produce a feeling similar to colored glaze. It can make your products look more high-end, which can make your store more prominent. Especially in shopping centers, it impresses customers and finds you when they need it.

  • Convenient display effort

The purpose of the display is to display, and while displaying the glass showcase, it can also make the display more fixed. If it is in the center, you can basically see the style of the product from a distance, making it easier to attract customers.

Description about 4m by 2m kiosk

glass botth glass display showcase glass cabinetjewelry kiosk

From the picture, we can see the main color of mall kiosk is white. There are glass display showcase in 3 sides, behind are locked cabients for stroage. In the corner is a large squared display stand, you can use it as a sales window. And place attractive items inside it. Brand logo on the top show your business to customers directly. Materials of this glass display cabinet include MDF, baking paint, glass, stainless steel, light strip, acrylic, etc. I hope you will like it.

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