High Quality Jewelry Display Kiosk With Floor In Mall For Sale

Do you have an interest in jewelry business? And do you want to make a jewelry display kiosk? Nowadays, many people loved jewelry deeply. Because jewelry can show a person’s identity and status. It also has a certain health preservation effect. For example, garnet can beautify the skin. And pearls can resist aging and prevent radiation. It is very useful for us. So, if you have the intention to start jewelry buainess,  the jewelry display kiosk below can be helpful for you.

High Quality Jewelry Display Kiosk With Floor Display

jewelry display jewelry kiosk jewelry shop

From the above of pictures, we can see this is a blue and white jewelry display kiosk with floor. The jewelry kiosk size is 10×10 feet. And the base material is MDF baking paint, tempered glass, man made stone. This jewelry kiosk has seven rectangular glass display stands. And the number of glass layers is the same. All of them can display different kinds of jewelry. Of course, the jewelry kiosk also has two triangular four-layer glass display stands at the corner. It is quite special. If you want to make this jewelry kiosk more distinctive, you can display other products. Such as watches, bags and glasses. It can attact more customers for you.

In addition, we can find there are two pillar-shaped decorations at the corner. They are so conspicuous. Also, the jewelry kiosk has a tall logo card and there is a 3D logo on it. It makes that we can see it from far away. There is a cash register between a rectangular glass display stand and a pillar shaped decoration. And it has a beautiful jewelry poster on the outer surface. On the whole, the color design of the jewelry kiosk is very unique. It makes the kiosk look simple and fanshionable. Do you think so?

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