Modern Glass Jewelry Kiosk In Mall Showcase With Good Price

Jewelry is silent, but it can touch a woman’s heart more than any language. No matter what time you are in, for women, wearing jewelry is a joy. Jewelry can bring beauty and self-confidence to women. So jewelry is more and more pupolar by women. If you plan to do jewelry business at this moment, you will have a good development prospect. Do you agree?

Here is a modern glass jewelry kiosk. That I want to introduce to you.

The Modern Glass Jewelry Kiosk Description

This jewelry kiosk size is 3x4m and main color is white. On the whole, it looks very modern and stylish. The jewelry kiosk has two shapes of glass display stand. One is a double-layer rectangular glass display stand. They display various styles of rings. The other is a square glass display stand to display necklaces. But it only has two and both are at the corner. Is this very unique? Moreover, the jewelry kiosk has two independent three-layer glass stands. They are all used to display fashionable handbags. Of course, this is not limited to only showing handbags. You can show other popular products as long as you like. Such as glasses, watches.

Also the jewelry kiosk has a tall cuboid logo plate. There is a unique 3D light logo design and two light boxes with promotional posters on it. It can easily catch people’s eyes. And there is a cash register between the logo plate and the glass display stand. This style jewelry kiosk is very popular. It is usually exported overseas. Let’s appreciate the real pictures of jewelry kiosk below.

The Real Picture Showjewelry display jewelry kiosk jewelry shop How To Effectively Package And Protect The Kiosk

  1. Before packaging, clean the surface of the kiosk and divide it into a few parts to pack
  2. Wrap the surface of the kiosk with brushed film to prevent damage
  3. Wrap the corners of the kiosk with corner cotton to prevent damage and deformation
  4. Add thick foam cotton on the four sides of the kiosk to prevent collision and friction
  5. Put the packed kiosk into a wooden box for reinforcement and protection

In general, the package is foam inside and wooden box outside. This is very strong and safe.

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