Are you looking for a custom jewelry showcase manufacturer? Now, more and more people choose to customize unique display cabinets before starting a business. There are a professional design team and highly trained workers in our factory. We made a customized counter for more than 1000 customers. Why do jewelry bosses want to customize jewelry display cabinets? Here are a few reasons for your reference

Why choose custom display cabinets

1. The design of the display cabinet is very important

The jewelry display cabinet is actually a gem in commercial design and production. A good jewelry display cabinet design can reflect the product to a large extent. For example, the design of jewelry display cabinets between different brands is actually not exactly the same. This benefit also allows brands to quickly establish a commercial image.

2. Professional considerations for display cabinet production

For example, choose a lamp for a jewelry display cabinet. The strip light and spotlight play different roles in different jewelry cases. It not only need lighting and shows items in a unique way. But also feel elegant and attractive. Therefore, the advantage of choosing a customized jewelry display cabinet is that the most professional effect can be achieved in the shortest time.

The purpose of the custom jewelry showcase also used to promote product promotion to a certain extent. Any buyer who buys jewelry can rest assured because the shop’s customized products are relatively high-end.

Jewelry showcase picture

From the picture, we can see there are posters on the front side. On the countertop is a glass showcase for a jewelry stand. The mental frame in golden color makes the jewelry showcase feel elegant and high level the cabinet. The main material of the cabinet including MDF, baking paint. Other materials like metal frame, tempered glass, stainless steel, etc. The size and color can change to your favorites. Let’s view the details together

jewelry showcase jewelry showcase jewelry stand

Jewelry counter description

Small jewelry display cabinets are very important for jewelry stores and mall display cabinets because it can not only help you make reasonable use of space but also better display jewelry. Especially for shopkeepers with limited funds, they can buy a few single quantities and start a business. It not only saves start-up costs but can also be reused. Especially when you open a store, you can put the jewelry display counters in the store.

As we can see in the picture, it includes two parts. One is a single stand with a glass display showcase, another part is the squared display counter. You can put posters on the front side to attracts people. The brand logo can also set here. The gold finish metal frame use to decorate and protect the glass display cabinets. The dimension usually is 1.2m*0.6m*1.2m, 0.8m*0.6m* 1.2m. Whatever size and decoration you want, we can help you custom made it.

  • Color: Golden and black
  • Size: 1.2m*0.6m*1.2m per set
  • Main material: MDF with matte black surface
  • Display counter: Tempered glass showcase
  • Other materials: Led light strip, tempered glass, metal frame, etc.
  • Design idea: Modern and attractive
  • Design time: 2-3 business days
  • Production time: 18-20 days

How to manufacture the jewelry counter?

First, make construction drawings according to the jewelry counter. Our workers build the jewelry counter according to the confirmed design drawing. That’s to make sure you can get the correct jewelry counter. We should first make the wood body of the jewelry cabinets, then hidden wires inside the counter to connect the local electronic supply. The next step is to paint the display counter in black color. Finally, install a glass display showcase with locks for protection. We should turn on the light and text everything works correctly before delivering the goods to you. Thank you

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