Jewelry Kiosk Wood Led Strip Light Shopping Mall Retail Stall

The jewelry showcase is very famous in the shopping mall or jewelry store. Please look at this jewelry retail kiosk. This is a jewelry kiosk to use in the shopping mall. It is a big mall kiosk, the size of this jewelry stall is about 6x3m. The material is MDF with baking paint. And with the 8mm tempered glass, the glass we will install the Led strip light on it. Then the customer can see your jewelry or other products clearly. The most important is we can do customize. Before we make the kiosk, our design team will make a 3D design of the jewelry retail kiosk. This 3D design will according to your location size, logo, layout and other requirements.


So how to start a 3D design of the jewelry mall kiosk?

For the 3D design of the jewelry kiosk, we will need a 300USD design deposit.

This design deposit will deduce from the total amount of the order after you place an order.

Our sales team will discuss this with you and get back to our designer for your requirements.

After we confirm the final 3D design, our designer will make the construction drawing ( also mean CAD drawing ) to you.

Please send the final 3D design and the construction drawing ( CAD drawing ) to the mall for approval.

Finally, if we get approval from the shopping mall, then we can start the production.


For the production of the jewelry kiosk:

After we confirm all the details with the customer, we will print out the 3D design and construction drawing. Then we will send to the factory to line up the order.

We will start the wood body first, then painting job, finally install the whole kiosk in our factory.

You just need to connect the male and female connector together then the kiosk are going on.

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