OEM & ODM Jewelry kiosk with glass counter to Edmonton

Hi friend, glad to know that you are interested in this jewelry kiosk. Now, more and more jewelry business has started, because jewelry is the most collectible product. I believe you can make a profit by starting a jewelry business. According to public information, the strict definition of jewelry refers to the raw materials and semi-finished products of jewelry, jade, and precious metals, as well as wearing jewelry, craft decorations, and artworks made from the raw materials and semi-finished products of jewelry. Before opening a jewelry kiosk, it’s a good idea to customized the mall kiosk.

Wooden jewelry kiosk for sale

It covers an area of 4m by 3m. This jewelry kiosk has a display showcase on four sides, with a glass cabinet on the countertop and a wall cabinet on the bottom. Inside the kiosk, the jewelry booth is locked drawers for storage. The middle of each side has a light brand logo and posters. So, it can better decorate your shop and let people know you well. There are two triangular identification plates on a diagonal of the cabinet. It can help you tell your customers about the latest products.

The main material of the jewelry kiosk is Plywood. And the surface material is Laminate or solid wood. If you want to have a wonderful jewelry shop, we recommend using stone on the countertop. Besides, glass cabinets protect items well and convenient for people to purchase goods. Stainless steel skirting can better protect the kiosk from accidental damage.

Real picture design drawing

Wooden grain surface decoration becomes more and more popular nowadays. We recently made many jewelry kiosks in wood materials. The wooden kiosk gives people a feeling of environmentally friendly and natural, and I believe it can bring you more attention and sales.  Let’s view the design pictures directly.

jewelry booth jewelry showcase jewelry kiosk

More information:

For a new business plan, it’s very important to make a 3D design. So you can view your own jewelry kiosk looks like. And you can make full use of every space. The whole shop can build well in our factory with light strip and electronics. And also take pictures and videos to show you the details. And you can follow the instructions and put them together. It is very convenient to use and is accepted by nearly every mall center. Please don’t worry about it.

How to make jewelry kiosk design?

1. Sign off with the mall manager to get the location. It’s the first step because you should also know the mall rules of kiosk decoration. And make sure everything obeys the requirements.

2. Decide your kiosk layout and decoration based on the space. The jewelry kiosk is where you sell products and earn money. The attractive appearance will bring you many customers and earn a profit.

3. Make the mall kiosk design according to your ideas. Besides, the most basic information that needs to be told to the designer about the kiosk is to confirm the color, layout, material, and style. It does not only help you work better, but also make full use of space to save rent.

4. Confirm it as the final design. The kiosk design will send to you with 5 days. Small changes are acceptable to choose a perfect design drawing.

5. Finish construction drawing. The construction drawing includes the size, material, electronic plan, process plan, etc. So you can see how to build the jewelry kiosk and how to assembly it well.

Whatever ideas you want to add to the kiosk, we can help you achieve it. And also make it match the company culture and brand theme. Welcome to send us an inquiry and discuss more details. Thank you for reading

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