Hot Sale Modern Jewelry Display Kiosk In Mall For Sale

Do you plan to open a jewelry shop to start your business? Usually it is not easy to open a jewelry shop. You need to select the shop address, do some shop decoration, etc. This requires sufficient budget and time to prepare. But if you want to reduce your budget and earn back the cost in a short time, you might consider making a jewelry kiosk first. It can help you save time and money. And it also makes your business successful sooner.

So do you want to make a jewelry kiosk? If you want, the following hot sale modern jewelry display kiosk can be for your reference.

The Hot Sale Modern Jewelry Display Kiosk Introduction

The jewelry display kiosk size is 10x10ft, and the color is off-white and orange. And the kiosk material is MDF with baking paint, 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel and laminate finish. From the exact pictures, we can view there are three square glass stands of the same height at the corner. They are all three-layer glass stands and can display all kinds of jewelry. The another corner glass stand is different. It is a four-story glass stand. And it has a logo square on the top. It is very obvious.

jewelry shop

Also the jewelry display kiosk has four rectangular glass stands. And inside of the glass stands is an aluminum channel plate with hooks. Some gifts and souvenirs will be displayed here. And behind the glass stands is workbench. There are some storage cabinets under the countertop. Of course, the jewelry display kiosk has a checkout counter. And the outside of it is a logo image. After learning something details of the kiosk, do you like this style jewelry display kiosk? And do you want to make it like this?

jewelry displayjewelry kiosk

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