How to open a jewelry store? How to do jewelry business? And how to open a jewelry store for novices? The jewelry industry is currently an extremely profitable industry in society. Many investors have turned to this industry. However, in the face of too much competition in the market, opening a jewelry store to make money is often reflected in how to manage a jewelry store.

So what should we do to make the jewelry store easily crush the peers and get the most benefits? We will share with you how to open a jewelry store, do a good job in the jewelry business, and novices can open a jewelry store in an orderly manner!

Opening a jewelry store-external environment:

The external environment includes the location of the jewelry store and the decoration of the jewelry store’s facade. The geographic location of a jewelry store has a very close relationship with sales. The most obvious one is the pros and cons of geographic location, which directly affects the size of the passenger flow. Therefore, many jewelers have opened jewelry shops on bustling roads in some cities or in famous tourist attractions. In order to attract more customers to visit the store.

Now if you want to start a jewelry business, and if it is in the shopping mall center. You need to make a jewelry kiosk to display your jewelry product. What you need to do the first step is to find and rent a location. The location you can find in a shopping mall or you can rent a whole shop. I think this depends on your budget and specific circumstance. In any case, the location has to in a good place that is the most important.

About the jewelry kiosk design:

This is a whole set jewelry kiosk with several display showcase, some glass display stand, cashier counter, wall display cabinet with the lighted logo. Every jewelry display cabinet all has the lights, we will add the led strip light on each shelf and top. It can light up your jewelry products and make your whole jewelry kiosk look more beautiful.

The front side is the cashier counter with a lighted box. The side is two glass display showcase with a small logo on it. Let us move to the left side of the jewelry kiosk. The left is three curve shape display showcase, also has a small logo and lights. And the right side is two shelves stand, a glass showcase and with a mirror. The customer can try the jewelry and see what it look.

Size: 6x3m or customize as your location size.

Material: MDF, this is the standard material for the jewelry showcase.

Surface finish: brown color baking paint, white color baking paint.

Glass: 8mm tempered glass

Logo: 3d acrylic lighted logo

The installation of the jewelry kiosk:

We will install all the led strip lights, spotlights, 3d acrylic lighted logo. And we will install all the wires and sockets for you. So you just need to connect the male and female connectors together to the shopping mall power supply. Then the whole kiosk can go on. So it is very easy for the installation. Just 2-3 people and 1-2 hours can finish all the jobs. If you still have problems with the installation, please feel free to contact our sales team, we will get you an answer in time. Thank you very much.

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