As we know, jewelry is one of the high-end products of luxury industry. It can as a gift for your friends, family, and wife etc. Especially for the girls, they love the jewelry as well as the bags, watches, perfume and so on. So many people planning to open the jewelry business, most of them are choosing to open a jewelry kiosk. Because the jewelry kiosk is easy to handle and the location is easier to get than stores.

If you want to start the jewelry business, we suggest it is better to find a location in the shopping mall to open a jewelry kiosk first. In other word, the shop location is more difficult to find and many things need to consider. You need to find a good shop location, in the street or near the business zone. But the kiosk location is easier, because you can choose from many shopping mall, the jewelry kiosk usually in the first floor of the shopping mall.

Modern design jewerly mall kiosk

This is the front view of the 3d design jewelry kiosk. From the front side, we can see the whole effect of the jewelry kiosk, the front side is the jewelry glass display showcase with the 3d acrylic lighted logo. The logo we can customize it as your logo. And the size of this jewelry kiosk is 4572 x 2590 mm. The four corners are the small display showcases open from outside, because it cannot open from inside, so we made this kind of design for the four corners. All white color small display cabinets on the four sides of the jewelry mall kiosk.

Basic material:

Plywood, we will use plywood as the basic material of this jewelry kiosk. Because the customer said the shopping mall require waterproof and fireproof material. It is a strong and high hardness wood material.

Surface finish:

Laminate, if the basic material is plywood, then the surface finish we will use laminate. So the surface finish of this jewelry kiosk is white color laminate and wooden grain color laminate.


Glass material:

8mm tempered glass, it is more safety and high strength, tempered glass has good thermal stability, the temperature difference that can bear is 3 times of ordinary glass.

Logo material:

For the logo of the jewelry mall kiosk, we usually use acrylic material. We can choose the 3d acrylic lighted logo, hollow out lighted logo, and not lighted acrylic logo. Another material is stainless steel logo, we can choose it according to the 3d design.

Customize 3d jewelry kiosk design service

From this top view of the jewelry kiosk, we can see the whole layout. We can see from the 3d design of this picture, except the glass display showcase, it has a small cashier counter in the middle and a reception desk as well.

The layout of the jewelry kiosk, our design team will make it as normal. If you have any special requirements, we can discuss them together and make it as you like. That is why we do customize service.



Design deposit of the jewelry kiosk

For the customize 3d design service, it will charge 300$ design deposit. We will make it the size you want, and if you have your own main color theme or brand logo, please send it to us. Our design team will customize a new jewelry kiosk 3d model for you.

Usually, the customize 3s design service take 3-5 working days. After we finish the design we will send it to you for check. Please feel free to get back to us with your comments and then we can make the changes for you. After you confirm the final 3d design of the jewelry mall kiosk, we will make the construction drawing before we start the production.




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