Unique Design Salon Kiosk Hairdressing Station For Salon Shop

Salon service is commonly seen in our life, everyone needs a haircut, manicure, etc. We choose a salon shop considering its service, environment, price, quality… we balance all the factors to choose a shop. Now, let us know about a unique design salon kiosk.


salon kiosk

This is a barber shop, that has a working area, and a Rest area. First, we can see four chairs, which is the customer waiting area. Second, there are three chairs for working, you can put whatever you need, perhaps, you need no more than three chairs, so you can tell me your demands. Third, we can also see some flower decorations in the corner.


salon kiosk

The salon kiosk appearance design includes the counter body, which is made of high-grade MDF with baking paint. It is usually displayed by posters and brands. Because people spot first thing is the outside after they know what service your shop, they will come in for service. We can see the eyebrow poster, and the finish is glossy lacquer. At the same time, the kicking area is made of stainless steel base, to support the countertop.


salon kiosk

Looking at this close-range photo we can see the working countertop clearly. The counter is a wall counter. The material is wood so it looks so wood texture. On the mirror, the led bulb installed around both sides looked so beautiful. It can make the customer a good impression. We can see the drawer on the counter, some tools in it. such as hair dryer, scissors, comb…the sit is also high-quality chair, your customer can feel advanced services. That will improve their return rate.


First, we are a direct factory with more than 10 years experience, cooperating with many famous brands and have good fame. Then, we have a safe and unique production process and attractive price, and strict quality control.

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