High-Quality Salon Kiosk Popular Beauty Furniture For Beauty Shop

Beauty industry is becoming more and more popular, women have various needs to let themselves be beautiful.  From head to feet, all can be changed to your ideal look. The salon series include hair attending, manicure, pedicure, nail attending, and so on. You can open a salon shop that includes many services, or you can also provide one service. Whatever types you want, we can design a perfect kiosk for you.

A common but popular salon shop furniture showcase.

We can look at this face attending kiosk. There are several area for you. One waiting area for outdoor client, a sink area for wash face or hair, a skin care area for customer to test your products and cashier area for charging money.  Another is working area, has two barber charis for interior customers to sit down.

salon kiosk

Details of the salon kiosk

First, we palce enough place for your machine and your needs. In the right side, we can see the cashier register, and the drawer is under the bellow. You can put money in it conveniently. Next, we can see the rectangle glass shelf for you to put some tools and products such as Hair conditioner Nail polish for using.  The rectangle counter has poster on it. Finally, we design storage cabinet on each counter and equipped with key.

salon kiosk

The usage and material introduction of the salon kiosk

You know the effect looks so bright and smooth, because this kisok we use MDF with baking paint to manufacture. Then, you can see the black countertop, which is made of black man-made stone. It is so durable and easy to clean. What’s more, we use  silver stainless steel to decorate kisking area. As for the floor, we add wood grain color plywood to decoration, which is strong, not easy to deform.                                                                                                                                                                                                      You can sent us your favorite styles and our professional design team can help you with a brand new shop design.

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