Unique Design Food Kiosk for Both Indoor and Outdoor Use

outdoor kiosk

A unique food kiosk is very important for a business. Because it is not only good for business but also attracts attention. People will remember your business and service well, which can help you improve sales and promote the brand. Today, I want to share a special food kiosk with you. It is good to use both in the shopping mall and outdoors. You can also adjust the design to make it fit your business.

Description of food kiosk

As we all know in the design, this kiosk looks like a three-wheeled motorcycle, it has motorcycle decorations that make your kiosk look more unique. The part of the carriage is mainly the work area and the service desk, where people buy food, check out and pick up food. It has a locked door, roof, and wheels decoration.

outdoor boothDetails information

The front side has a long display couter, the cashier counter can set her so that clients can order easily. On the left body of the kiosk has a brand sign. Under the counter, we can add cabinets for storage.

While we can see the back has a wall cabinet with a light lamp. That shows the products well. The counter table has a lot of equipment for usage. Under the counter has space, you can also add items here. There are widow displays on both sides. It not only makes the car look more realistic but also makes it easier for employees to find target customers to provide better and more timely service.

 outdoor booth Wheels decoration

We can see the bottom area has wheels, the wheels are just for decoration, not used to move. The kiosk also has white light surrounding it, that can highlight your food shop and makes people notice you. Roller shutters can be closed at night and can be well-protected items whether in shopping malls or outdoors.

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