Unique design custom size 3m×2m chocolate display case for Dubai customer

Hello friends. Nice to meet you here. Are you looking for customized chocolate display case? Do you want to start a chocolate shop in mall? Do you want to design a display stand based on your own design idea? Today, I want to recommend a nice 3m×2m chocolate kiosk design idea to you. Because it is very outstanding and can better help your business. Let’s learn more about it.

As we can see in the design, there are a lot of glass display showcase area to show the chocolate with black counter. Because the white can better reflect the specific of chocolate. And different levels of cabinets can consist more chocolate, even with different shape and size. To considering the safety, we  use rounded corners instead of sharp glass corners to avoid customers being hurt when purchasing.

There is a high stand with TV in the back side, so it can better attracts people and I think when they see the video ad. they can’t wait to taste it. There is a sink under the stand, so you can wash hands here if in need. The brand logo is everywhere in the four sides, including on the top of the high stand. The logo should be 3D illuminate logo. Do you like this kiosk design?

chocolate display case

When you need such a unique design kiosk, please tell us your own design idea. Our design team will make a new 3D design according to your design idea. And when you find somewhere not good enough, they can modify in time. As all the details shown in the design, you can better notice where should be more perfect. Which can both save our time and energy. Usually, a new design takes about 2-4 business days.

Our company located in Shenzhen, China. We are the first factory who provide customized kiosks in Shenzhen in 10 years. There is an excellent design team in our factory to come up new design ideas for your kiosk. Our workers focused on details and will give you a beautiful kiosk. That’ why we need to make design before production.

Thank you for reading.

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