Unique Cute Perfume Cart Kiosk For Boutique Sale

If you only have a small space,or you want to save rent and strat a business. this mini cute cart can meet your demand,why do i say that ?  this perfume cart is suitable for night market for boutique sale. it is convenient for you to go out and close the satll at any time.  imagine that if customer is walking on the street,they smell perfume and have a desire to buy.  of course,if your product’s price is attractive,then there is a better chance of a deal. look,how unique and cute perfume cart!

perfume cart

Details discription

This shape is a small cart,with four wheel.  Every counters are semicircular shape ,giving us a novel feeling.  And white acrylic lighted logo is around cabinet.  Importantly,besides the round logo,there is a upright wodden sign. It is also a circle shape. And  there have a brand poster at the top.  It can play a good display role in the distance.

perfume cart

Material discription

You can put your product on the top. The cabinet material is acrylic box,but you can choose the material you need. The edges of each counter are made of gold stainless steel. Include wheet,is also used gold stainless steel.On both side are transparent acrylic display windows. It is also a good place to show products.

perfume cart

About the price and quality

We are a customize kiosk and store funiture factory. From detailed dimensions to specified materials, even tiny screws are rigorously controlled to ensure you get a perfect booth, perfect quality, and an excellent finish. when different materials and designs are used,the price will be different,which needs to be determined according to your final requirements. but at the frist time, we need to charge 300$ design deposit. you can be assured we will return it to you after you place an order.

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