A Popular High-end Customized Perfume Kiosk

As we all know, perfume is a kind of liquid that makes people feel very pleasant, and the market of perfume has always been very hot. So how can you make your fragrance stand out in this competitive market? A high-end perfume kiosk plays an important role.perfume


The perfume kiosk I want to introduce to you is quite popular right now. The square cabinet which places in the shopping mall like a perfume box. Only the cash register is designed with a high sign with a logo, which makes people know from a distance that it is a kiosk selling perfume. The color of the kiosk is mainly white, which highlights the nobility and purity of the perfume kiosk. Decorate the middle of the kiosk with a champagne triangle, which highlights its luxury. Such a kiosk design can bring customers a valuable shopping experience.perfume


First of all, we use MDF material as the base material to make the cabinet. The surface of MDF material is flat and smooth, which is easy to paint and save paint. In addition, it has high moisture absorption, water absorption performance and thickness expansion rate.
The cabinet made of MDF and then painted on the surface, the display cabinet will be as beautiful as a mirror, making the perfume more transparent and visible.
Secondly, we will use acrylic for your logo and light box. It is a relatively easy-to-shape material with rich colors. The logo shape you want can be easily made with acrylic. On the top of the cabinets, we use tempered glass to make display cabinets. Tempered glass is highly resistant to pressure and effectively protects your perfume from damage.What is more importantly, the surface treatment with lacquer makes the whole kiosk more beautiful.perfumeperfume

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