Modern style perfume kiosk holiday gift present display stand

Among friendsfamily and business associateswe generally give gifts on their birthday and Christmas. We ofter express our feelings with gifts. You can go to the shopping mall to buy gifts to choose from different kinds of gifts. People who want to start a gift business can make a gift kiosk to open in the shopping mall.

We want to introduce a modern style perfume kiosk holiday gift present display stand. You can check this design for reference and I hope it can give you some good design ideas.



This kiosk is in the shopping mall to sell the perfume and gifts. You can check on the 3d design it has the glass display showcase and the countertop can display the product also. The size of this gift kiosk is about 4x2m but we accept any customized size.

The material of this perfume & gift kiosk is MDF with baking paint. On the perfume kiosk design we can make your logo on it. The important is the display area for the product. So we have to make the display area for the customer to see the product clearly.




Design service – We can make a customized 3d design for the perfume and gift kiosk. In order to let you can see exactly what the kiosk will look like in the 3d design. Our designer will make a new 3d model for you.

Production service – We have our own factory that can produce the kiosk for you. From the wooden cutting to the installation we will do it all in our factory.

Shipping service – After we finish the whole kiosk, we can arrange the shipping for you. Please send us the address then we can check the shipping cost and shipping time for you.

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