Beautiful Perfume Kiosk with Unique Design for Sale

Everyone like unique perfume and everyone has a unique fragrance. You can buy your favorite perfume at a high-end perfume shop. Usually, we can see the various beautiful perfume kiosk. The following perfume kiosk is a popular and beautiful one. You can use it if you intend to do perfume business.perfume kiosk

The layout design

The first place is a white counter with black and wood strip decorations. Not only the surrounding counter has a letter logo, but a high display stand also has a logo and a painting light box. This perfume kiosk does have not a sitting area, but you can buy some chairs for you to sit on. The kiosk mainly uses many glass cabinet boxes to show the perfume. It is because a transparent cabinet can let customers look at perfume and pick their favorite quickly.

perfume kiosk

At the backside, we can see an entrance for your entrance. Our whole kiosk is made up of several single counters. So it is easy for you to install it after you receive the goods. This perfume kiosk is 3*2m, and you can provide your size to us. We customize it for you, including logo and style.

Production of this perfume kiosk

We prepare the materials first and then make a counter body based on the construction drawing. Second, we start to polish, making the surface looks more smooth. Then we will bake paint after the paint dries, and prepare and install other accessories including light, socket, and other hardware. Finally, we install the single counter to show you the whole kiosk effect.

perfume kiosk

Perfume kiosk for businesses has a brand market. If you want to open a perfume stand. You need to send us an inquiry first so that we know your needs. Every kiosk is a customized kiosk, so your perfume also needs to do a 3d design.

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