Popular and High-End Perfume Kiosk in Golden Color for Sale

perfume booth

Everyone likes good-looking and high-end perfume kiosks. People also prefer to buy perfumes in attractive perfume kiosks with good service. If you plan to open a perfume kiosk in the shopping mall, this golden and black perfume kiosk may help you well.

Introduction of perfume kiosk


This perfume kiosk fits an area of 3m by 3m and includes a display counter, glass display cabinet, and individual showcase. You can also add a business name and logo in a suitable area for promotion.

perfume kiosk


The main color is golden and black, which creates a high-end shop atmosphere. It can also high level the products to make a profit. However, you can also make other colors that fit your business well.


Plywood is used to make the wood body of the perfume kiosk and the surface material is golden metal with a frame. Sturdy structure, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, slip-resistant, moisture-resistant, and not easy to rust. 8mm tempered glass shelving with a light lamp to increase the brightness and makes the perfume products look better.

perfume showcase


We can see the front has two single glass showcases at the corners. They are used as the main showcase area, you can place hot sale items here to attract poeple. Between them is a long display table with a business logo at the front.

In the middle has two display tables, they are facing the public, it’s a good idea to set samples here. The height is good for poeple to reach.

While the backside has a large round mirror with LED light surrounding it. It can enhance the visual effect of your store and make your store look tidier. Two cabinets with both glass shelving and storage cabinets for convenient usage.

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