Unique Customized Juice Bar Counter Food Kiosk Dispaly Design For Sale

Nowadays, drinks are very popular by the young people. The drinks can be bubble tea, juice and beverages and so on. No matter where you are, you can see many drinks bar and store or kiosk in the street and mall. This is a profitable business if you own the drink bar or counter. Now I will say about the juice bar dispaly design.

The description of the juice bar design

This juice bar of our customer, which is designed by our company. The main colors of the juice green, orange, blue,yellow and black. These colors can be attractive by people because they are bright-coloured. About the color, it is free for you to choose when you want to make any furniture in our company. Look at the right part in this juice bar design, we can see that there is a light box to show your brand logo, your menu,popular juice or anything you to display.There is also one sign combined two colors, which let customers know the juice bar when they walk around. On the top of the bar, there are some spotlights to make the juice bar more attractive. About the inside part, there are still a logo sign with the poster in the middle. Many sinks and cabinets are offered when you have the needs.

On the left side,there is logo too and some tagline on the blue wall,which can display the bar value.The corner with water pond, which is convenient for customers to wash the hands.This place makes good uses of the space.It is open-plan and very suitable to use in the mall. When the people buy juice,they can see the juice making process.They don’t have to worry about the hygiene of the food.

The materials of the juice bar

There are many kinds of materials of all kinds accessories. Choose the best and suitable matirals for your bar. About the materials of the bar, the base material is the plywood. The plywood is hard and waterproof. It is very suitable for the food and you can be relieved. Other material is the acrylic glass and stainless steel. What is more, you can choose any kind materials if you have the needs.

The steps of making a juice bar

To make a design of the juice bar counter

When you have chosen the best place for your juice bar, the next action is to design the bar style. At this time, the Shenzhen Unique Furniture Co., Ltd. can offer you the best service to meet your needs according to your ideas. The company not only can make a design for you, but also to produce the furniture for you. The most important is that their price is very competitive and favorable in the market. You can tell them what kind of style you like, such as modern style, retro style, fashion style, frensh style or others, besides, including the bar size, some necessary accessories and production materials, then the designer of the company will make a 3D design of the kiosk for you.

If you want to make some changes or add some new ideas, don’t worry, we can also amend 3 times for you until you like it. About the logo and some interesting words, we can make it for you on the bar. You can also choose the luminous logo or not luminous. There are some logo materials choosing too.

The production of the juice bar

After you confirm the design details and make the payment deposit to the company, we will start to make the bar for you. There are some steps of the production. The first step is to make the wood cabinet and confirm the place and size of the logo, outlets and light box, which can’t be changed after the bar has been produced. So only 1 time to make sure. Then is to stick a protection plate after gelatinizing. Finally, we will install the accessories and so on. About the production time is about 22-25 working days, which is depended on the size of the bar and the quantitites of the kiosk.  We will also follow the production process and make some updating to  you.

If you have any ideas or needs of making the any furniture or kiosk, please contact Shenzhen Unique Furniture Co., Ltd.. We will try our best to meet your requirements.

Hope you have good days.

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