Solid Wood Mall Juice Kiosk Mall Fast Food Booth Display Design For Sale

Nowadays, people all like to have drinks, especially in the summer. Fruit Juice, coffee, bubble tea, beverage are the most popular drinks. The cost of the drinks is very less, but the selling price is very high. So you can think about the big profit the storekeeper. The young people walk in the street or shopping in the mall, you will always would like having the drinks. For me, I love to have bubble tea, which can make myself happy. If you want to open a juice store but without too much money, the kiosk is your good choice. You can reduce the decoration cost for it. Let’s see one juice kiosk design first.

Desription of the juice kiosk

This juice kiosk is made of one solid wood and plywood, which is very durable and beautiful. It not only sell the juice, but also Desription of the juice kiosksell some fast food and other drinks, like coffee. Take a view on the front of the kiosk, there is one menu board stand with the logo. It is a good design. There is the information of different food and drinks with different price. When people walk through and pass the kiosk, they can have a look at the menu. Then they will know what you sell and what price. Then they will have a taste of your food and juice. There are two tempered glass showcase display the fast food. It can attracted the people much easier. And one sign of “juice” in the middle of the two showcases. When you buy the fast food, you must want to take the juice also, because the juice can solve your thirsty. One light box in one small board, which can show the juice picture as advertisement.

Let’s take a view on the inside part below the picture, we can see the solid wood clearly. which looks very classic. There are three bowls to hold the different fruits or food. Customer can choose and they will use the fresh fruits to make juice. One the right part, there is cash register. One sign of “coffee” and One sign of juice with apple poster are shown. There is one sink in the left part, the sales can wash the fruits and food materials here. At the bottom of the kiosk, it is a countertop, you can put many machines and tools on it. There still leaves some space for customers and sit there to have the juice, coffee and food. Six desks for the customers.

Desription of the juice kioskDesign of the kiosk

If you want to open a juice kiosk in the mall, we can help you realize the dream. You can talk with us about the size, style and your kiosk theme and concept, then we can make a 3D design base on your all ideas. The design fee is $300, which is the deposit, it means when you cooperate with us of the order, we will return the deisgn fee to you. So the design is free in fact. If you want some changes on the design, please don’t worry, we can make the modification of the design for you. Size, color, style and material all can be customized and meet your needs. We suggest you make the kiosk to get the approval form the mall first.



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