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Unique Boat Design Toys Kiosk Retail Booth in Mall to Austin

When we hang on in the street, the retail shop is easily found everywhere. Especially near the school and office building. Mixed color makes the retail kiosk more unique and attractive. It mainly uses to sells stickers, kids’ toys, little books, etc. Before opening the retail toy kiosk, it’s a good idea to choose an attractive design to start.

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Boat Design retail booth for sale

As I first see the boat shape kiosk, I like it very much. Because it has 3 colors in total. The two ends of the display cabinet are shaped like a bow and stern. The hanging goods are like sails. “Bow” and “stern” are distinguished by blue and red. This kind of color scheme can attract people’s attention, and bright colors can quickly catch children’s attention. The middle “cabin” display cabinet is mainly brown. The shape of the chocolate on the top adds fun to the showcase, which is endlessly evocative.

Details of the toy kiosk

To get a perfect and unique retail kiosk, we should focus on the detailed decoration. That can help us win more customers and also show brand culture in a good way. Even your display counter and color matching can impress people even, so you have another brand representative beside the logo.

candy kiosk design

Layout description

On the front, we can see a blue cartoon mouse model. It assumes a welcoming posture and seems to welcome consumers to the store. There is an open area with long display hooks to hang products, while the base is d to place big toys and other products. The round corner has posters for advertising and two rotating display stand on the counter to increase display space.

The backside has the same display counter and layout as the front side. What difference is that the checkout counter is here behind the display counter. So people can pay bills here. And the welcome model also changes to pink color match to the theme.

Display counter details

toy kiosk design

Do you like the middle area glass display showcase? It is a multifunction display counter, countertop facing the public places chocolate and candy while the bottom has locked glass cabinets to showcase more take away goods. While behind has locked cabinets on the bottom for storage. A lovely brown bear model stands on the top stand the wall to make it more creative. The center counter has locked cabinets, which make better use of total space and also increase the storage area. This counter is larger than the normal counter, so you can also place attractive and high-value products here. So people can bring easily when pay bills. The brand sign is a character of your store, which makes people know who he buys things from. Therefore, please do not forget to add the brand LOGO in a prominent place.

More information:

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Products name: Colorful boat shape retail booth/ toy kiosk for sale

Size: 4m by 3m or another size that match your location

Color: Light blue, pink and brown or other colors you need

Function: Display showcase items, sell kids’ toys and products, advertising brand culture, etc.

Main material: MDF with high glossy baking paint, etc.

Other materials: Stainless steel kicking, Fabric logo, slat wall with hooks, tempered glass, light lamp, etc.

Design time: 2-3 business days, recommend to leave more time to choose a unique design

Production time: 25-28 working days


Every business needs a unique design, whether you are just starting a business or this. Every business needs a unique design, whether you are just starting a business. If you need any information, our designer can help you better.

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