Unique ArtBakery Kiosk Cutomized Design Display Stand Suitable for Food Business

Welcome to our wesite  If you are ready to open a bakery or else food shop. We are one company suitable for your food business .You can take your design idea to comunicate with us.  Welcome to see this kind of Artbakery kiosk.

ArtBakery Kiosk Layout Details

The kiosk include bar counter , working area, display cabinet, dining area, cash counter . The bar counter with several chairs, customer can sit here to have a break and wait for food . What’s more , you can put some machines in work area, such as baking machine, beverange machine. We will reserve enough space for the machine you need.

bakery kiosk The kiosk have a high top, hanging some decorative balls above. Besides some poster hang up on it. There is the 3D Acrylic logo on the front, and a door on the side.  Most importantly, we make the soid to support the top  . So it is so solid. The drawer at the bottom can store food inventory.This kiosk also has flooring as required. The top is hollow, which can improve air circulation.

artbakery kiosk

Artbakery Material

The basic material is plywood,finish is laminate and the countertop is made of corian. Of course ,quar stone is ok. The 3D Acrylic Logo. We are also have luminou logo . All in all, you just to remember all thing is customized as your reqiurements . You can tell us your logo, poster, menu,location size,and  other things.



Our professional design team with many years expenience. We adopt 3D Design technology and CAD drawings. You only need to comnunicate with us about your idea,and your size of place. We have own factory and manufacture all kinds of kiosk. All are unique style. We have confidence to manufacture your satisifed kiosk .You need to pay 300$ design deposit ,it will return when you place an order.



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