charming cake kiosk pink style food kiosk for mall sale

Usually, we see many cake shops in our life but seldom see the pink shop kiosk.  So this is a unique style of design. If we open such a special shop in the mall, it can be more attractive than your competitor’s original shop.

Look at this type of cake kiosk

cake kioskThis kiosk usually lies in the middle of the mall. We can see the umbrella with pink color led light on the top as decoration. And then the lighting light up the plant, making it have a pink effect. At the same time, the round side of the counter also has a led strip light. Clients can have a rest on the solid wood chair on this site.

cake kiosk

Different angles introduction of the cake kiosk

On the left side, we can see a small geometry window for pick-up. What’s more, customers can see the making process as a monitor figure under the window. From this angle, you can see the marble material as the countertop in it.  For the whole appearance, solid wood and pink baking paint plywood as the base material.  You can know our design includes all counter layout, color, materials, and lights. Include the decoration of the floor, the pink floor indicated on the picture.

cake kiosk

From this top angle, we can see the whole interior layout. This cake kiosk has one door, which is made of a hollow shape of pink and wooden color wood. Several machines in it. That is why you need to tell me the machine list when making the design.  We will reserve enough place at the counter for your machine.                                                                                                                           At this bakery kiosk, you can see the coffee machine, cashier machine, pancake machine, and glass food display cabinet with some small steel boxes for you to place the cake.

The promotion logo and poster

The logo was added on the left top side and on the right side, is a white letter-lighted logo. We insert it into the stainless steel mesh grid. The logo we used is customized according to the client’s needs. So we need your specific requirements information before producing.

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