Beautiful Bakery Kiosk Design for Bakery Shop Sale

At first sight, we can see the shop style is beautiful, including the kiosk.  This is a bakery shop has a unique tone and almost every people want to open. It is suitable for people who have an interest in the bakery and intend to open a shop.

Introduction of this bakery kiosk

bakery kioskProduction process

We first prepare materials and make the wooden counter, during the process, we will reserve light strips and socket locations. Then start to laminate the fire board on the surface. Thirdly, install various accessories, light strips, and drawers. The last step is to assemble the kiosk to show you the whole effect.

The whole style and layout

bakery kiosk

We can see the green laminate with a stripe shape, the countertop is marble, and we also have man-made stone. The back of the kiosk has two white arched counters with chandelier decoration as a wall cabinet. We can see the big product poster on it, and some led strip lights. In addition, you can see the gold stainless shelf and put items and cups on it. You can also put the machines you need on the countertop, including the glass display cabinet and cashier register…

bakery kiosk

The working area

At the working counter, you can see many drawers, where you can put some other items. The counter is installed sink for your use. For example, you can wash cups and some foods before making them. At the same time, a refrigerator is also on the side, the whole working space is enormous. It is not crowded at all.

bakery kiosk

All in all, this bakery kiosk is an idea-style kiosk used in shops. We design it according to the client’s needs. If you have interest in it, you can contact us directly. If you have your other preferred style, you can also custom-make for yourself. Because we are a custom design and manufacturing kiosk factory and can custom any style as your needs.


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