Bright Bakery Kiosk with Unique Design for Food Sale

The bakery kiosk’s main color tone is white and black and wood grain, colorful but consistent. Sometimes we can see the bakery shop with display furniture, which has a big enough place. If you have an interest to start a cake business but don’t have too much budget, you can do it from a small bakery kiosk. It doesn’t cost you too much.

bakery kiosk

The special place of this bakery kiosk

The advantageous place is that it has two sides of different colors, the left is black and the right is white.  At the back of this kiosk, is a wood grain color counter. There are some hanging shelves to hang the items, such as cups and material, and a menu poster showing to customers.

bakery kiosk

The layout of the food kiosk

We can see the glass display cabinet with several stainless steel shelves and a cashier register on the countertop. Many decorations and tools are also put on it.  At the back working area, we can see the water sink and black marble countertop. In addition, this food kiosk has a top with a logo, which is stainless steel golden material. We can custom-make your own logo. What’s more, each counter has drawers or cabinets for you to store inventory.

About our order process

Send us an inquiry first, and tell me your favorite style, we can customize a new one for you, if you have not preferred one, we can send you some related kiosk cases we have done before for your reference. Second, we will talk about more details to confirm the design, after you pay the design fee, we will send you our design effect photo and CAD construction drawing for your review. Before manufacturing, you need to pay 50% money, which cost about 20-25 working days. After you pay the balance, we will arrange the shipment.

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