Delicious bakery cake food kiosk professional customize design service

To start a bakery food business is a dream of many girls. If you want to start a bakery food business, first you need to learn how to make it. Or you can hire someone to make it but you need to pay him a salary. You can prepare the budget and see if you can make a kiosk or open a bakery shop.

This is a delicious bakery cake food kiosk professional customize design we will introduce to you in this article. It is a unique bakery food kiosk design used in the shopping mall. Let us have a look together.



We can see the 3d design of this bakery food kiosk is very lovely and attractive. The top of the bakery kiosk has a big lighted logo and some flower decorations. It has some beautiful lights hanging from the top.



The front side has a glass display showcase for the cake, bread and some drinks. The size of this display unit is 1000 x 800 x 900mm. On the countertop, you can put some equipment machines.

For example, on the left side put the pancake machine and coffee machine. On the right side is the entrance door of this kiosk and a cashier machine. The back side is a round shape bar counter. It has some bar chairs here for the customer to sit have a rest and wait for their food.



The material of this bakery kiosk uses plywood as the basic material. And the surface finish is laminate, in the graphic we use stickers. For the countertop we can use man-made stone or quartz stone both is okay. The base has a black metal frame to support the whole kiosk.

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