Unique and Useful Cosmetic Kiosk Skin Care Products Booth in Mall

cosmetic kiosk

With the fast development of high technical, people spend time and money to keep young. People do regular skincare and even opt for medical aesthetics. If you are a skincare expert, it’s a good idea to open a skincare kiosk to earn money. I am sure that clients will support you if you tech skincare tips. To help you start a business, today, I want to introduce a useful skincare display kiosk to you.

Description of cosmetic kiosk

This cosmetic kiosk looks very special because it has multiple counter designs and a curved ceiling. You can rent a 3m by 3m locations in the mall. It’s a good way to enhance the company image, besides, you can better exit new products to the public.

skin care service kiosk

Reception counter

We can see there is a reception counter at the front side, you can serve every client once they enter the store. The reception counter has a curved side with pink frame decoration, that close to the curved column. TV player attaches to remind people of your business. The Center is in white with a slogan.

cosmetic kiosk

Glass display shelving

There is a round display stand on the back side, it has multiple glass shelves with lighting lamps, looks attractive. Near it is a display stand with a round top, painting attach here, so that clients can understand your business well

A round table with white chairs surrounds it. People can sit down with staff and talk about a customized skin care program.


The right hand has a rectangle lightbox poster with metal support, that reminds poeple of your business weel. While other side has a circle of lighting advertising with two curved frame decorations. White flooring matches the cosmetic kiosk very much.

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cosmetic kiosk