Elegant style skin care display stall best price cosmetic kiosk

To maintain a youthful look, a lot of women have invested heavily on skin care products. Women generally like to spend most of their money on keeping beautiful. For the hot sale product around women, cosmetic product, skin care product and clothes etc.

Sure that if you start a business to sell cosmetic or skin care products, it will sell well in the market. You can make a cosmetic kiosk in the shopping mall or a cosmetic shop to start the business. Below is an elegant style skin care display stall best price cosmetic kiosk design.



This cosmetic kiosk is for displaying the skin care product and with a bar area for the customer to experience the product. On the cosmetic kiosk, we can make a logo on it. And some posters on the kiosk design should look good. The back wall has an advertising TV, you can play the pictures or videos.


1 – MDF with baking paint: This is the material for almost all of the retail mall kiosks. We will use MDF as the basic material and the surface finish is baking paint. The surface finish is really smooth and glossy.

2 – Plywood with laminate: If the shopping mall requires fireproof material, we can use plywood with laminate also good. You can choose the material according to your need.


Package – For the package of the cosmetic kiosk, we will use foam inside and a wooden box outside for each part of the cosmetic kiosk.

Shipping – We usually ship the cosmetic kiosk by sea. Because our product is big volume and heavy, ship by air is too expensive.

We will arrange the shipping to the nearest destination port or door to door address.

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