Newest style cosmetic kiosk skin care product display stand

Data released by consultancy firm CTR suggests almost 40 percent of urban men used skincare products or cosmetics in the first half of 2010 including more than 60 percent of businessmen. Then we can know that not only women need to use the skin care products or cosmetics products but also men start to use them. 

If you want to start a business but do not know which to sell what product, you can try skin care products and cosmetic products. We are your best choice to help you start a business. Now we look at the newest style of cosmetic kiosk skin care product display stand design.



This is a small display booth in the shopping mall to sell cosmetic products and skin care products. It has two glass display showcases at the corner, with glass display shelf and a wooden base. Two curve-shaped counters, one for the cashier counter, and another for the reception counter. On the top has the brand logo then the customer can see and know your brand.



The material of a retail mall kiosk cosmetic kiosk we use MDF with baking paint. For the color of the skin care kiosk, you can choose your favorite on our Pantone. The logo material usually uses acrylic, if you require other material like stainless steel we also can do it for you.

For the glass of the cosmetic kiosk, we use 8mm tempered glass and on each display shelf install the led strip light. We can say the light is very important for a kiosk, otherwise the effect will not be good.



Our factory will install a whole cosmetic kiosk in our factory. But we will pack a whole divided into a few parts.

When you receive the cosmetic kiosk, need to put them together. Then connect the wires to your local mall power supply then it will work.

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