Golden Metal Effect Lipstick Kiosk Modern Cosmetic Kiosk for Sale

cosmetic kiosk

How many times do you put on makeup? Nearly everyone uses cosmetics to make them look better. If you want to open a cosmetic kiosk, this luxury cosmetic kiosk may help you. You can use it to display lipsticks, concealer, eye shadow, eye shadow. Let’s view more details together.

Description of cosmetic kiosk

This cosmetic kiosk has unique display counters, it is good to use in the shopping mall, exhibitions, and promoting events. The mall kiosk size is 2m by 2m, we can also make it fit your location. It has a golden metal ceiling with a brand sign. Gloden floor edge with gray finishes.

lipstick kioskService counter

The service counter stands on the front side. Curved sides avoid sharp corners, it also increases a high-tech feeling. It has golden metal decoration, you can display cosmetics here for sale.

Lipstick display

We can see the right hand has a glass display shelving. There is a large lipstick style support, near it has multiple shelving to place items, looks like a D, very attractive and interesting.

cosmetic kioskColumn wall support

Close to the glass display is a squared column to support the roof. It has a light line decorating the column. Lightbox painting and posters can attach here for advertising. We can also insert wall shelving facing the public, which can increase the display showcase area.

If you are looking for unique cosmetic kiosks, just contact us. We can customize the mall kiosk for you.

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