Simple style cosmetic kiosk makeup product display stand for mall

The cosmetic product is a hot sale and popular product for women. If you want to start a business to sell makeup products, to start a cosmetic kiosk business is much cheaper than a cosmetic shop. To start a cosmetic kiosk in the shopping mall not need to spend a lot of money and time.

Our company can guide you on how to make a cosmetic kiosk to start a business. Let us start with a simple style cosmetic kiosk makeup product display stand design. Hope you can get some help from this article.



This is a small size and simple style cosmetic display booth in the shopping mall. The size is about 2×2 m and the size we can make it according to your location.

It has a display stand for showing different makeup products. It is convenient for the customer to choose makeup products.

The countertop of this cosmetic display stand is the display area. And the bottom has a storage cabinet. On the front and the side can put the posters.

Another area has two small counters also for the display or cashier counter.



Our company has a design team that can make a customized cosmetic kiosk design for you. After you find a location and get the size from the mall, we can make a new 3d model for you. According to your location size, logo, and your requirement, we can make this cosmetic kiosk design to fit your need.

You can tell us the types of products you will sell then we will make the cosmetic display to fit them. The logo and the posters on the cosmetic kiosk you can also send to us then we can make them on the design.

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