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Do you plan to open a coffee kiosk in the shopping center? With the recovery of the economy, it’s a good option to open a food kiosk to earn money. Coffee has great marketing in the world as people drink coffee from getting up in the morning. Here is a wood coffee kiosk with a roof design introduce to you.

Coffee kiosk design for UK customer

The owner sent us a coffee kiosk picture and wants size 4m by 2m. I told him that we can make the same coffee kiosk. And also told him that the coffee kiosk includes a display cabinet, working counter, and storage cabinets, etc. He was very happy and asked if it could be affixed with his logo. It sure has the unique brand logo for a customized kiosk. Besides, he knew that the coffee kiosk can be delivered to the UK. So we make a quick deal to make 3D design drawings.

Introduction about coffee kiosk

coffee shop design

This coffee kiosk mainly uses in the shopping center. It has a roof for both decoration and protection. We can also add and install blinds on the front so that they can fall off after getting off work.

Layout introduction

The front side is a long working table with a cashier counter in the middle. Under the counter are lock cabinets and drawers for storage. The right side is a metal plate with a logo outside and counters inside for better use.

The backside is a high wall to support the roof and working bench. Menu and posters place the back wall, so people can order directly. Equipment like coffee machine, blender place here for better use. Undercounter refrigerator also put here to make full use of space. Water tap with sink place on the left side counter near the entrance door. We can put the brand logo on the top ceiling to attracts people.

Color decoration

The main color of the coffee kiosk is black and wood color. It well matches the coffee and makes the coffee shop luxurious. We use warm yellow light to decorate the kiosk and brighten the kiosk. Besides, there is also a light lamp under the countertop.

coffee booth

Material show

Main material: Plywood

Surface material: Natural solid wood bar, metal roof, and decoration

Countertop material: Black quartzite stone

Logo: 3D light Acrylic, golden stainless steel logo with light

Other materials: Light lamp, menu, lightbox posters, etc.

Steps to make coffee kiosk design

coffee kiosk in mall

First step: Tell the designer the requirements for the coffee kiosk. Requirements include kiosk size, color, material, layout, logo, style, and your ideas.

Second step: Make the 3D design drawing. The designer will make the coffee kiosk design according to the requirements. And even make small changes to make it more attractive and convenient to use. 3D design drawing needs about 3 days, please leave more time to modify and confirm the design.

Third step: Confirm final design. We have to check the design carefully and even make small changes to get a good effect. Then confirm it as the final design to move on.

Final step: Make the construction drawing. Construction drawings show all the details directly. We can see how many counters in total, what materials in each part and where is the main switch, etc.

Our workers produce the coffee kiosk according to the design drawing. Every step will complete in our factory, and we will also install it and take photos for confirmation before shipping. Then clean the kiosk and package it well with wood boxes for delivery

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