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As we all know, coffee is a kind of popular drinks for people in nowadays. More and more people like to eat coffee. Coffee not only can be a casual drink, but also a good thing to make people refresh. When people feel tired during the working or they are over-working, they will choose the eat a cup of coffee to make themselves enegetic. Some staff or leaders will have coffee as afternoon tea. At this time, to have coffee with some dessert is a good food collocation, which will be more delicious. Not only the cafes sell the coffee, but also some stores, booths, and kiosks in the mall or outdoor. If you would like to have a coffee kiosk in the mall, I introduce one for you now.

Description of the coffee kiosk

The mian color tone of the kiosk is black grey brown. It can be seen from the design picture the cafe kiosk not only can sell coffee, but also sells some cakes, desserts together as well as two freezer showcases in the middle. Description of the coffee kioskYou can put some other food inside it to show to people. One logo sign can be designed in the middle which is between two showcases. You can also put somDescription of the coffee kioskething on the top of the logo sign because it is flat with the wood board. On the right side, there is one coffee model in the corner, then people can know what the kiosk sells. Also there is one ligh box to show something you want to show, such as coffee pictures or advertisement.

One big refrigerator is inside the kiosk for some drinks and coffee materials. The menus can be posted on the back wall, or just something you want to express to people just like the content in the board from the picture. Several spotlights on the top to shine the countertop, which can make some light effect for people. On the countertop, we can see there are many coffee machines and dessert machines. The countertop also has some cabinets for storaging the machines or something. One place for puting the oven. The seats and tables are designed on the left size and the back side of the kiosk. People can sit on the seat when they buy the coffee from you, and they can enjoy their time and have the coffee on the back seats. This design offers a good place to customers to enjoy your coffee and their time.

How to make a design of kiosk

The coffee is easy to make. You can use less cost and spend less time to offer the service to people and earn the big profits. At this time, you need a kiosk in the mall or outdoor. So the design of the kiosk is important. We will design one unique style of the kiosk for you according to your size, style, color and your requirements. Everything can be negotiable. We can offer the customization service for you, if your mall has the requirements of the materials or size, design, we can offer relevant materials to you, and modify the design according to the needs.  About the design fee, it is $300, which will be deducted from the order amount price. In fact, it is free 3D design for you. When we have finished the design, we will send you the design blueprint including 3D rending, floor plan and CAD drawing. After the details of the design you have confirmed and we have got your $50 payment, we will start to produce the kiosk for you. If you have any questions or want to talk more details please contact us.

How to make a design of kiosk

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