How to find a unique coffee kiosk design? How to start my 3d design? I think these are some issues that every entrepreneur needs to consider. We all know that there are different types of food kiosk in the mall center. Unique kiosk design is necessary, it can bring you more customers. So you need a professional kiosk manufacturer to help you complete this plan. From design to delivery. Unique kiosk has own factory. And we can help you complete this perfect project.


Newest Mall Coffee Kiosk Design Commercial Coffee Counters Furniture

From the picture, we can know that the coffee kiosk color is mainly black and green, which looks modern and beautiful. Outside the kiosk, there are two high signs, light box posters, four small tables, four chairs with small sofas. It seems to be fully equipped. As we know, a good resting area can attract more customers. Because customers can sit down and wait and enjoy your food.

From the internal pictures in kiosk, we can know that both sides can work. Unlike the usual kiosk where the front part is for display and the back part is for work. This is the unique place of this kiosk. We can add the machine you need in the design and show it to you. You can make a list of machines and send it to us, So that our designers can leave enough space when designing, and you can see the whole effect.

Main materials: MDF,plywood,tempered glass, lightbox,logo and more.

Finish: Baking Painting Finish

Size: Accept Customized

Service: ODM OEM Service Offered

Payment terms: 50% Deposit 50% Balance

Design: 3D Max Renderings

We are a custom factory and have design team, we can create new design according to your size and requirements. We will have more than 4 designers working together to ensure that your design is beautiful and perfect. After you submit the final design to the mall for approval, we will help you get the mall review.


We are mainly doing customization and everyone has different ideas, so we do not have the same design, different sizes and different layouts, so we recommend making a new 3D design first based on your requirements. Before designing, we need to charge 300 US dollars as design deposit. We will deduct it from the order price, and we will be responsible for your design, please don’t worry.

Our design time is 2 working days, which is allowed to be modified to ensure that the design meets your requirements. When you confirm the final design, you can submit it to the mall for approval. If the mall center has requirements for the design, we can modify the design according to the mall requirements to help you get the pass as soon as possible. And move to production.

About us

Unique display furniture ltd. was founded in 2006 with more than 10 years of manufacturing experience. We have skilled workers and established strict management and control of quality system. Will produce strictly in accordance with the construction drawings. We guarantee that the goods you receive are exactly the same as the design you confirmed. We use high-standard materials. And provide high-quality products to ensure customer satisfaction.

We are professional coffee kiosk furniture manufacturer. From design to delivery,help you step by step to complete this project. Our excellent designers have different design ideas on coffee kiosk design. If you want to refer to more designs and learn more, welcome your inquiry!

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