Train-shaped candy kiosk mall retail bulk food stall for sale

Candy is one of the hot sale bulk foods. To start the candy business does not need a lot of money. Because the price of the candy is not high, then you just need a candy kiosk to display the product. You can find many kinds of candy kiosks on our website.

If you need a candy kiosk to help you to start the candy business, we can customize a new one for you. Now let us see a train-shaped candy kiosk mall retail bulk food stall design together.



This is a candy kiosk with a train-shaped design. It has the 3d lighted logo on the top, and it can customize for you with your logo.

Both sides of the candy kiosk have candy boxes for the display area. The customer can pick up the candy they want themselves. It is really an attractive candy kiosk design!

The color of the candy kiosk we can make it with the color you want. When we make the design, we can send some color themes for your reference.



If you also want to make a candy kiosk like this one, please feel free to contact us for more details. Please send us the size of your location and the logo. Our designer will make a new candy kiosk design customized as your need. This candy kiosk design we will make exactly what you want.



For the installation of this candy kiosk, if the size is not too big, we can make it a whole set then not need to install it.

When you receive the candy kiosk, you can use it directly.

If the size is much bigger, we need to make it in 2 parts or several parts. Otherwise, it cannot fit in the shipping container.


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