Compared to starting a supermarket or big snack shop, it would input less and be easy to open your business from a snack kiosk. For a snack kiosk, the kiosk design is also very important to catch more people’s attention. And there is a unique kiosk design for your reference.

Quick information


Color:white and purple

Material:mdf with baking paint

Service: 3d design

Design time:3-7 workday

Production time: 25-35 workdays


The main tone of this kiosk is white and purple. Both of them increase a relaxing and enjoyable shopping experience for customers.As you can see from the design, there are three metal poles standing on the display rack. The poles feature funny toy models. It makes the kiosk greatly fit the theme of the snack kiosk. And you are supposed to print your menu here. Customers can have a better idea of what you sell.

The kiosk has 6*3m, there are lots of gondola display racks. It provides a big display area and you can put your merchandise on both sides and allows you to zone your products so that customers can easily find what they want. And the height of the rack is adjustable. You can operate it based on the height of your product.

There is a tall cabinet, it can add a TV player here to advertise your product. It can make u kiosk look more professional and catchy.


The kiosk uses high density wood, it has better bearing performance and is not easy to break. And it reaches the E1 class and less formaldehyde emission, harmless for our health.

The surface uses high glossy baking paint and greatly closes the effect of piano lacquer. It can make your kiosk look more beautiful.

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