Light Blue Candy Kiosk Glass Showcase Sweet Food Shop in Mall

Candy kioskCandies are popular because of their colorful looks and sweet taste. Most of the sweet food kiosks use bright color decoration, which attracts people’s attention and can gain more clients. Today, I want to share a unique candy kiosk with you. It’s in blue color and has multiple glass shelving. Let’s learn more details together.

Description of candy kiosk

As we can see in the picture, the candy kiosk has glass display showcases on 4 sides. You can also add a light lamp on each shelf, which can make your candy kiosk outstanding and better showcase the items.

glass showcase

Details information

Size: 3m by 3m or other customize sizes

Usage: Shopping mall, sweet food shop, food court, etc.

Materials: MDF, baking paint, LED light, stainless steel, tempered glass, hardware, etc.

Brand sign: Acrylic or stainless steel, etc.

We have to choose suitable materials to build the kiosk. Your necessary machines, a water sink, and even TV players have to place in a suitable location for work. Therefore, it’s necessary to make a 3D design before production. Designs can show everything clearly and can help you choose a wonderful kiosk for business.

candy boothSecurity

Except for the material and candy kiosk design, many people are concerned about the security of kiosks. Because a mall is an open place and the traffic is very large, no one wants their money or products to be stolen. In order to help them, every kiosk cabinet has locks, so that it can close well at night. You can even have leather or cloth covers for the candy kiosk. No matter what other requirements you have, we can help you achieve them. Just purchase your unique mall kiosk from us. Thank you for understanding.

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