As living standards improve. The styles of ceramic tiles are becoming more and more diverse. While we are living, we are also enjoying life. We can see that the tiles of many high-end hotels look very high-end and beautiful. The smoothness, patterns, and patterns of the tiles are all optional. Its application is very wide. When we decorate the house, ceramic tiles are indispensable. It is divided into wall tiles and floor tiles. Today I want to introduce a shop that sells ceramic tiles.

Tile Shop Details

From the picture below, we can see that its tile samples are displayed on the shelf. This kind of shelf is similar to the screen display shelf, and different tiles can be displayed on each side. This way of the display looks very elegant. It has two kinds of displays, one is a tall display cabinet, which is suitable for displaying some large-area tiles, and the other is a small tile, which can be used to display floor tiles.

This kind of screen display shelf is equipped with spotlights, which can make our tiles more smooth and dazzling under the light. If you also sell similar tiles, we can use the same screen display.

In addition to selling ceramic tiles, this shop also sells toilets that are common in daily life. The toilet does not need a display cabinet, we can put it directly on the ground. Or it can be placed on a flat shelf, as shown in the picture.

As this kind of store, there are a lot of daily necessities that can be displayed. When we design, we should pay attention to the decoration of walls, floors, and lights. This house gives us the feeling that it is clean and high-class. Many customers are willing to come and visit. If you want to open a store but don’t have your own ideas, we can make a design for the store first. The designer will design a suitable display cabinet and store layout based on the floor plan of our store and combined with our products.

Including the color of the wall, the lights on the ceiling, the placement of the product and the logo, etc. If we think this arrangement is very good, we can decorate our shop according to the content of the design drawings.

Commercial Shop Design

We are a company integrating design and production. We have our own design team and factory. If you have a new storefront and want to arrange the layout and purchase furniture, we can help you. We are a customized company, and all our furniture can be customized. After confirming the design, we will customize the furniture according to the style of the design drawing, so that we can get the same furniture as the design drawing.

Design Step

  1. Send us your shop floor plan
  2. Tell us your requirements


Our design fee is based on shop area and design content. General is 500-800USD. When receiving the design fee, the design time is 3-4 working days. The design allows modification, so you don’t have to worry about not liking our design. Here you can get a lot of service experience.

What is the production time?

It depends on the furniture quantity. Usually 25 working days.

What is the shop price?

The furniture price is based on size, material, style, and quantity. Before design, we don’t know the exact price.

How can I get the goods?

When finishing production, we will pack and ship the goods to your nearest port or your detailed address. When the goods arrive at the port, the agent will notify you to clear customs and pick up the goods.


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